About Greystone Chapel's Founders

Pastor: Scott Grossman

Ordained ULC, Claremont school of theology m/div, southern California ELCA Lutheran synod approved, Luther year; Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary graduate, Berkeley CA . BA, degree Concordia College Moorhead MN

Chaplin residency @ children’s Hospital Los Angeles, infectious diseases’ 4th floor Mayo Clinic Rochester MN, limited letter of Call to Bethany Lutheran (elca) church Cushing MN.

As a world-renown Los Angles actor and choreographer turned ELCA Lutheran Ministry Pastor, Scott Grossman’s vibrant life reads like a Hollywood screenplay.

Grossman, a world-renown choreographer for film and TV, spent nearly four decades working with the best-of-the-best in Hollywood. His entertainment experiences included working with executive producer, Donald Trump, to ensure the choreography and design for the televised Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants were exceptional and professional.

Jeff Mandon (left), and Scott Grossman (right) – Mandon & Grossman Productions

However, at the height of his career, Grossman suffered a life-changing setback when he was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden thrombophilia in both legs. The loss of a robust career was devastating, but he held onto the belief that there were greater things in store for his life. After consulting with husband, Jeff Mandon, and friend, Marianne Williamson, Grossman made the decision to pursue a “second stage” career as a pastor.

“A common thread in my life is perseverance,” Grossman confirmed. “After a long and fulfilling entertainment career, I went back to school in my mid-50s to study theology, and I graduated from both Claremont School of Theology and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary with Masters in Divinity focused in ELCA Lutheran ministry.”

Fueled by a belief that an LGBTQ pastor can have a place at the pulpit in Minnesota, Grossman unsuccessfully pursued several pastoral openings before being blessed with the opportunity to revive the dormant 107-year-old Lincoln Community Church as Greystone Chapel; a non-denominational church that is committed to creating a safe and inclusive place of worship.

Officially opening on June 1, 2019, GreyStone Chapel on Aster Road in Lincoln, Minnesota offers residents and visitors a place to worship, connect, and create fellowship without judgment or bias. Sunday services begin at 9:30 a.m. and also at 6:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday during the summer months.

     “For me, GreyStone Chapel signifies my return to an area where I have roots and family,” Pastor Grossman revealed. “It’s also an opportunity to share the belief that love and acceptance come in many forms. We don’t always know what ‘container’ love will present itself in; that’s why awareness, acceptance, and opening ourselves to other possibilities for worship are so crucial to my ministry. We want this chapel to be a place where anyone can come to pray, hang out, and find community. Everyone is welcome.”

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